SEBI Registered Investment Adviser ( Registration No.: INA100002438 )

Investment Advisory

The investment advisory process follows different approaches depending on the client segment.


1) Corporate treasuries, Trusts, Family offices and Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

We offer customised investment solutions. We help them in systematic allocation of assets across the risk return curve. Our endeavour is to provide best investment advisory services based on clients investment mandate.


2) Individuals, Business Owners, Families, NRI’s, Special Situations and High Net Worth Individuals

The process has various steps, as enumerated below. The steps are for illustrative purpose and the relevance of the same is determined by the client’s requirements. Our solutions are customised based on your unique requirements and mandate given to us.


Current Assessment:

  • Knowing your financial self better (Risk Profiling)
  • Your current financial health check
  • Net-Worth Statement
  • Cash-Flow Statement (Investable = Income less Expenses)
  • Goals Analysis
  • Thought process and analysis of current investments


Starting your financial freedom journey:

  • Financial Planning
  • Contingency Planning
  • Emergency funds
  • Insurance (term plans)
  • Debt Management & Right use of leverage
  • Asset(s) Allocation


Investment(s) Management:

  • Investment(s) Management
  • Retirement Planning (Most important need now days in Indian context)


Wealth Accumulation:

  • Review and being on track


Wealth Distribution:

  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Advisory
  • Philanthropy